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Cascading Forgetting In Product Development Challenges And Evaluation

K // 2019
Vast amounts of information and knowledge is produced and stored within product design projects. Especially for reuse and adaptation there exists no suitable method for product designers to handle ...

Comparing the Design Neurocognition of Mechanical Engineers and Architects: A Study of the Effect of Designer's Domain

Vieira, Sonia Liliana da Silva (1); Gero, John S. (2); Delmoral, Jessica (1); Gattol, Valentin (3); Fernandes, Carlos (4); Fernandes, Ant // 2019
New tools from neuroscience allow design researchers to explore design neurocognition. By taking the advantage of EEG's temporal resolution we give up spatial resolution to focus on the performance ...

Comparing Virtual Reality and Desktop Interface for Reviewing 3D CAD Models

Horvat, Nikola (1); ?kec, Stanko (1,2); Martinec, Tomislav (1); Luka?evi?, Fanika (1); Peri?i?, Marija Majda (1) // 2019
Use of virtual reality (VR) is considered beneficial for reviewing 3D models throughout product design. However, research on its usability in the design field is still explorative, and previous ...

Computational Simulation as an organizational prototyping tool

Dosi, Clio; Iori, Manuel; Kramer, Arthur; Vignoli, Matteo // 2019
This case study deals with a redesign effort to face the overcrowding issue in an Emergency Department (ED). A multidiscinary group of healthcare professionals and engineers worked together to ...


Kaspar, Jerome; Vielhaber, Michael // 2019
According to recent studies, scientists and trend researchers are both quite confident that changes within the next two decades will be much more extensive and pioneering than the changes during the ...

Coordination in Design Teams as a Lens to Identifying Team Roles

Collopy, Arianne X.; Li, Chengxi; Liu, Tianyi; Adar, Eytan; Papalambros, Panos Y. // 2019
Coordination in system design requires an interplay between different roles. In this work, we identify five design team roles that pertain to the partitioning and coordination of distributed design ...


Torrisi, Vanna Savina (1); Manfredi, Sabato (2); Iacopini, Iacopo (3); Latora, Vito (4) // 2019
Creativity, technology and innovation are the main driving forces of our modern world and they often trigger behavioural and cultural changes in our societies. Several studies on creative ...


Bruno, Carmen; Canina, Marita // 2019
Creativity - the ability to produce novel and useful ideas (Amabile, 1988) – has become a democratic necessity and the most important human skill to face the uncertainties brought by the digital era ...

Data Materialisation: A New Undergraduate Course for a Data Driven Society

Beghelli, Alejandra; Huerta-C // 2019
Traditionally, data has been presented in textual format and the interaction with the user confined to the keyboard or touch screen to input data and the screen to deliver information. However, with ...

Definition of a "sport-health" semantic space

Millet, Antoine (1,2,3); Abi Akle, Audrey (1); Masson, Dimitri (1); Legardeur, J // 2019
Product success depends on its capacity to meet users? expectations. Human Centred Design approach helps to reach this success by focussing on users? needs in the design process. These needs are as ...


Whitfield, Robert Ian; Duffy, Alex; Grierson, Hilary // 2019
The department of Design Manufacture and Engineering Management (DMEM) at the University of Strathclyde developed the concept of “Delivering Total Engineering” to capture the essence of the teaching, ...

Design for empathy: a co-design case study with the Finnish parliament

Tuomala, Enni-Kukka S E; Baxter, Weston L // 2019
Globalisation and the mixing of people, cultures, religions and languages fuels pressing healthcare, educational, political and other complex sociocultural issues. Many of these issues are driven by ...

Design for the passengers? sustainable behaviour in a scenario of the in-flight catering service

You, Fangzhou; Bhamra, Tracy; Lilley, Debra // 2019
This research aims to study the passenger?s sustainable attitudes, in-flight catering behaviour, and to develop a persuasive model for behaviour change. Current studies towards the in-flight catering ...

Design interventions for promoting the mental health of young academics

Ma, Sanghyun; Ruensuk, Mintra; Kim, Chajoong // 2019
It is essential to graduate students to contribute researching in their academic field. Although it leads to the success of academic career path, the students are more at high risk of mental health ...

Design of hybrid components joining zone through sensitivity analysis

Siqueira, Renan; Shugar, Sean; Mozgova, Iryna; Lachmayer, Roland // 2019
Multi-material structures are a trending topic for the industry. With a high application potential, such as lightweight or extended life cycle, different manufacturing technologies are further ...

Design Supporting a ?Customer-Perceived Intimacy?-Strategy in Healthcare Services

Martens, Carmen (1,2); Herssens, Jasmien (1); Delcourt, C // 2019
Given that we live in a time within a growing competitive healthcare market, the customer experience and healing opportunities are on top of the priority list. However, little attention has been ...

Designing for better healthcare: A systemic approach utilising behavioural theory, technology and an understanding of healthcare delivery systems

Nicholas W Ciccone, Francois Patou, and Anja M Maier // 2019
An ageing population leading to more chronic disease is straining healthcare systems. This paper makes two core contributions to healthcare systems design research: Firstly, a systemic ...


Green, Clare Ruth (1,2) // 2019
Research for insights into user needs and working with users have been part of design and design methods since the 1960s. Certain ways to better understand people’s attitudes and behaviour clearly ...

Designing Physical-Digital Workspaces to Support Globally Collaborative Work

Tucker, Andrea (1); Gidel, Thierry (2); Fluckiger, C // 2019
This paper examines some aspects of physical-digital workspaces, focusing on multi-user, multi-touch technologies and how different workspaces impact collaboration. We introduce the concept of ...

Development of Virtual Pipe Simulation System for Inspection Robot Design

Miura, Satoshi (1); Kawamura, Kazuya (2); Fujie, Masakatsu (1); Sugano, Shigeki (1); Miyashita, Tomoyuki (1) // 2019
Pipe inspection robots have been developed to reduce the cost and time required for gas pipe inspection. However, these robots have been developed using a scrap and build method and are not used in ...

Early-Career Engineers' Perceptions Of Support For Innovation At The Workplace - What Seems To Matter

Simon, Patrick (1); Bj // 2019
Previous research has shown the importance of contextual factors for increasing employee innovativeness, but to effectively support innovative behavior, we need to also understand what forms of ...

Educate for Technological Innovation

Smulders, Frido; Broekhans, Bertien; Kamp, Aldert; Hellendoorn, Hans; Welleman, Hans // 2019
At Polytechnics design & engineering students are taught about state-of-the-art technical knowledge. Students become qualified engineers and learn to innovate artifacts related to their domain.

Not ...


van Os, Gerard (1); van Beurden, Karin (2) // 2019
Many experiences user researchers will recognise the following: A visit is made to a target user to understand how she like (or dislike) some new product or software or service. At some point the ...

Enabling designers to generate concepts of interactive product behaviours: a mixed reality design approach

Maurya, Santosh; Takeda, Yukio; Mougenot, Celine // 2019
To design interactive behaviours for their products designers/makers have to use high fidelity tools like ?electronic prototyping kits?, involving sensors and programming to incorporate interactions ...

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