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Explore User Behaviour In Semi-Autonomous Driving

Shi, Yuan; Maskani, Jeyhoon; Caruso, Giandomenico; Bordegoni, Monica // 2019
The control shifting between a human driver and a semi-autonomous vehicle is one of the most critical scenarios in the road-map of autonomous vehicle development. This paper proposes a methodology to ...

Exploring the Application of Network Analytics in Characterizing a Conceptual Design Space

Gyory, Joshua T.; Goucher-Lambert, Kosa; Kotovsky, Kenneth; Cagan, Jonathan // 2019
The ability to effectively analyse design concepts is essential for making early stage design decisions. Human evaluations, the most common assessment method, describe individual design concepts on a ...

Extracting and analysing design process data from log files of ICT supported co-creative sessions

Becattini, Niccolo' (1); Cascini, Gaetano (1); O'Hare, Jamie Alexander (2); Morosi, Federico (1); Boujut, Jean-Francois (3) // 2019
The observation of designers' behaviour in collaborative design activities and the analysis of protocols improved the understanding of how novel ideas emerge, what occurs among designers and, ...

Factors preventing the use of a lightweight design workflow that is inspired by the human locomotive system

Uttich, Eike; Bartz, Marcel; Bender, Beate // 2019
A workflow for the design process of technological products was derived from a model that describes the interplay of lightweight design principles in the human locomotive system. This workflow is not ...

Formulating Design Recommendations for the Acceptance of the Use and Results of Point-of-Care Testing in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Literature Review

Licher, Yvonne Jolanda Melanie; Visser, Jan Simon; Van, G-Young; Diehl, Jan Carel // 2019
In low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), diagnostics are not always available in remote areas. Hospitals and healthcare centres are often too far from the community, and waiting times are up to a ...

French biological philosophy of technology as a candidate perspective furthering design methodology

Mulder, Sander // 2019
A first exploration is conducted to what the French biological philosophy of technology perspective has to offer to the field of design methodology. If this French perspective is combined with ...

From Innocent Irene to Parental Patrick: Framing User Characteristics and Personas to Design for Cybersecurity

Kim, Euiyoung (1); Yoon, JungKyoon (2); Kwon, Jieun (3); Liaw, Tiffany (4); Agogino, Alice M. (5) // 2019
With the surging number of digital devices penetrating our daily routines, the risks inherent to cybersecurity?the protection of data on digital products connected to the Internet?have also increased ...

From the car style pregnancy towards the brand country origin recognition

Bluntzer, Jean-Bernard (1); Ostrosi, Egon (2) // 2019
In the modern automotive industry, a car?s style clearly defines its brand. In the context of globalization, a question has recently emerged concerning the relationship between a country's culture ...

Future Learning and Design Creativity Competency

Nagai, Yukari (1); Shimogoori, Akio (2); Ariga, Minatsu (1); Georgiev, Georgi V. (3) // 2019
In this study, we discuss a structure for developing the skills and competencies required by the learning framework of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for future ...

How A Better Understanding Of Relation Can Increase Responsibility Between Stakeholders?

Bolifraud, Sylvain; Stal-Le Cardinal, Julie // 2019
Construction projects are complex and subject to a lot of conflicts. The misunderstanding between actors is one cause of these conflicts. To understand actor?s interrelation is fundamental.

In this ...

How to foster Innovation? A Methodology to identify Fields for Fostering Innovation Capability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

How to foster Innovation? A Methodology to identify Fields for Fostering Innovation Capability in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises // 2019
Small and medium-sized enterprises are affected by changing development, production and selling paradigms in globalized industries, where innovation is a driver for sustainable competitiveness. ...

Human-in-the-loop Design with Machine Learning

Wang, Pan (1); Peng, Danlin (1); Li, Ling (2); Chen, Liuqing (1); Wu, Chao (3); Wang, Xiaoyi (3); Childs, Peter (1); Guo, Yike (1) // 2019
Deep learning methods have been applied to randomly generate images, such as in fashion, furniture design. To date, consideration of human aspects which play a vital role in a design process has not ...

Influence of gas-filled gaps on the thermal behaviour of Dual Purpose Casks

Dinkel, Christian (1); Billenstein, Daniel (1); Rieg, Frank (1); Roith, Bernd (2) // 2019
Basically, the safe dissipation of heat is among others an important protection objective of dual purpose casks. Gas-filled gaps within such casks can play a major role for the thermal behavior as ...

Introducing Implementation Dependent Behavior Into Integrated Product Architecture Clustering

Williamsson, David (1,2); Sellgren, Ulf (2) // 2019
We propose a new extended version of the previously introduced Integrated Modularization Methodology (IMM) that integrates technical complexity and business strategic concerns when clustering the ...

Inventions and scientific discoveries: impact of designers? collaborations on creativity. An analysis towards fixation effects

Plantec, Quentin (1,2); Le Masson, Pascal (1); Weil, Benoit (1) // 2019
Scientific discoveries and inventions have long been established as two distinct and sequential activities. It has nonetheless been showed that projects aiming at producing both scientific ...

Is Organizational Design a Human-centered Design Practice?

Auernhammer, Jan Michel Kurt (1); Leifer, Larry (2) // 2019
In recent years design has had a renaissance in business and management research and practice. Several authors have discussed if management is a design practice and how far design ought to go to ...


GULDEN, Tore; STØREN WIGUM, Kristin // 2019
The world population has increased exponentially. Accordingly, use of means, pressure on resources, new technology, and communication, all affects and are affected by the behaviour of the majority of ...


Elaver, Richard Anthony (1); Laperre, Dries (2); Lewis, Mark (1) // 2019
Product Design has historically been a very focused discipline, often taught as a professional program preparing students to fill a known role in industry. This has become, for many schools, a kind ...

Looking for Inspiration: Understanding the Information Evaluation and Seeking Behavior of Novice Designers During Creative Idea Generation

Damen, Nicole; Toh, Christine // 2019
Information usage is a key aspect of creative cognition and has been shown to influence design outcomes. The goal of this study was to investigate the information seeking behavior of student ...

Managing Complexity with Design Structure Matrices – an Operational Life Integration Challenge

Repetski, Edward Joseph; Sarkani, Shahram; Mazzuchi, Thomas // 2019
The study is investigating the application of Design Structure Matrices (DSM) to a new domain. The idea is to use this tool to expand the application of model-based engineering into a new domain, ...

Meaningful Experience in Service Design for the Elderly: SAPAD Framework and its Case Study

Hu, Fei (1); Li, Jun (1); Wang, Wei (1); Sato, Keiichi (2) // 2019
A growing trend of aging population of China has brought tremendous pressure on the domestic care system, and community education is one of the important content for elderly services. Based on the ...

Measuring Systems Engineering and Design Thinking Attitudes

Greene, Melissa T.; Gonzalez, Richard; Papalambros, Panos Y. // 2019
Systems engineering and design thinking have been widely seen as distinctly different processes, systems engineering being more data-driven and analytical, and design thinking being more ...


Sandy, Margot Lynn // 2019
In the last 5 years, the demand for new goods has increased dramatically with the consumer products business seeing large gains in online sales and still some growth in brick and mortar stores. These ...

Mixed-Method Design for User Behavior Evaluation of Automated Driver Assistance Systems: An Automotive Industry Case

Orlovska, Julia (1); Novakazi, Fjolle (1,2); Wickman, Casper (1,2); Soderberg, Rikard (1) // 2019
Automotive systems are changing rapidly from purely mechanical to smart, programmable assistants. These systems react and respond to the driving environment and communicate with other subsystems for ...

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