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A Study on the Thinking Path Model of Creative Design Process

Noguchi, H.; Nagai, Y. // 2002
In next step of our research, we had another experiment to know designer’s inner process of creative thinking by tracing dynamic relations of designer’s behaviors and drawings using two video ...

Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Non-Symmetrical All Steel Sandwich Panels Under Uniform Pressure Load

Kujala, P.; Klanac, A. // 2002
Steel sandwich panels welded by laser can offer 30-50 % weight savings compared to the conventional steel structures. In the paper, the behaviour of the non – symmetrical all steel sandwich panels ...

Application of Methods from Social Sciences in Design Research

Bender, B.; Reinicke, T.; Wünsche, T.; Blessing, L. T. M. // 2002
In many engineering publications on approaches to support design activity, there is little evidence of use of valid empirical data. Proposals often rely on single findings, on assumptions or on ...

Assembly Configuration and Appearance Changes in VRML Environment

Jezernik, A.; Hren, G.; Golob, B. // 2002
3D CAD models provide a natural way of sharing design information among designers. VR emerged to be a popular technology for human-computer interface in product design fields. VRML is a tool ...

Design of a Man-Machine Interface for a Pneumo-Hydraulic Control Console for an Underwater Platform

Kumar, P.; Chaturvedi, S. K. // 2002
The paper essentially focuses on developing a man-machine interface, which encompasses human engineering and ergonomics details such as functional & operational requirements, allocation, information ...

Design of Axial Pin Connections for Torque Transmission

Birkholz, H. // 2002
No extended sizing bases exist for the stability test of axial pin connections with clearance, in the technical literature only simplest calculation equations are indicated. The influence of ...

Design Science for Mathematical Modelling of Gear Systems

Vanek, V.; Nemec, L.; Hosnedl, S. // 2002
The paper present our successful results of the effective implementation of engineering Design Science (DS) knowledge into the process of the engineering design of optimised gear systems (GS) from ...

Digital Space Design with the Applicable Database of Interactive Avatar Behavior

Ku, B.-C.; Kim, Y.-S.; Lee, B.-C. // 2002
The presence of the digital space has a considerable effect on the whole of the society and culture, and is now being risen as a medium which has an upcoming infinite expandability. As human is the ...

Dynamics of Motorcycle Using Flexible Elements

Oliveri, S. M.; Cale, M.; Catalano, L. // 2002
In this study a model was developed for the dynamic simulation of the motorcycle in which the frame was constructed using flexible elements. A feedback control system was applied to the model so that ...

Education for Engineering and Designing

Eder, W. E. // 2002
Education in engineering can usefully be structured according to the theory of technical systems. Considerations of the didactics and pedagogics of educating (teaching and learning) are discussed. ...

Ethics in Industrial Product Design (Good, Goods and Gods)

Özcan, A. C. // 2002
In mythology, semi-god, semi-human Prometheus was a designer and the fire he brought to humans was the design ability, the ability to create good goods like gods. Today he is ashamed to feel ...

Inclusive Design - Review of Student Projects

Kapetanovic, Zlatko; Horvat, Sanja; Lapaine, Božidar; Orešic, Mladen // 2002
The notion INCLUSIVE DESIGN is refered to process of designing artificial and visual environment suitable for all persons regardless of age,health conditions,education,skills and other.It was ...

Numerical Analysis of non Linear Thermosensible Viscoelastic Systems

Vetturi, D.; Magalini, A.; Ramorino, G. // 2002
In this paper will be present a numerical approach to the dynamic analysis of rubber-to-metal devices. These objects, which contain viscoelstic materials, work in extreme conditions by the point of ...

Numerical Approach for Fatigue Initiation Service Life of Mechanical Elements

Šraml, M.; Potrč, I.; Flašker, J. // 2002
The numerical model for analysing damage due to contact fatigue of mechanical elements is presented in this paper. Mechanical behaviour of various machine elements depends upon interacting influences ...

Office Furniture Design According to a Human Anthropometric Data

Ivelic, Ž.; Grbac, I.; Ljuljka, B.; Tkalec, S. // 2002
If the design of the office furniture does not follow ergonomic principles, and if there is lack of exercises or relaxation during working hours, it is possible that various forms of physical ...

On a Hip Joint Simulator Electric Actuators Integrated Design and Optimization

Pellicciari, M.; Barbanti, G.; Andrisano, A.O. // 2002
The multidisciplinary implications occurred in the integrated design and development of the motorization for a novel multi axis hip joint simulator using 3D parametric CAD system integrated with ...

Ontology-Based Modeling of Product Functionality and Use Part 2: Considering Use and Unintended Behavior

van der Vegte, W. F.; Kitamura, Y.; Mizoguchi, R.; Horváth, I. // 2002

Product Modelling in Early Phases of the Design Process

Korpela, T. // 2002
Product modelling help the designer to communicate about the design problem with his/her colleagues. Models help also the designer to understand entirely the problem to be solved. Aims of the ...

Trajectory of the Human Body Mass Centre During Walking at Different Speed

Jurcevic Lulic, T.; Muftic, O. // 2002
The body's centre of mass is a key factor in the analysis of human gait, as it reflects the motion of the whole body. The major objectives of this paper were to describe the inter-subject ...

Using Finite Elements Model of the Human Body for Shape Optimization of Seats: Optimization Material Properties

Moes, N. C. C. M.; Horváth, I. // 2002
An optimization procedure was developed to search for the ergonomically optimum product shape. The optimization entity is a FEM of the human body. The modification variable is the pressure in the ...

Vehicle Dynamics Simulation, Part 1: Mathematical Model

Ciglarič, Iztok; Prebil, Ivan // 2002
The field of computational dynamic is surveyed, focusing on issues relevant to develop complex and numerical efficient mathematical models. Considering the topic of mathematical model, today various ...

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